Friday, February 11, 2011

The New Alfa Romeo 159 Super

alfa romeo 159 Pictures

alfa romeo 159 super interior

alfa romeo 159 super

The new Alfa Romeo 159 will released the first detail and image for the 2011 Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon and Sedan.In 2011, Alfa sports car manufacturer will offer two products Super 159 sedan that has been updated from the previous, version 159 and Wagon.

Version Super, Alfa given as to the overall newest products. Super Alpha at the eksetrior full satin to mirror on the door, wheeled 17-1nci, plus five double-spoke design and dark touches that add to the Super Alfa more elegant. In the interior Super Alfa to expand its facilities with the navigation system maps of European countries, the Blue & Me system with Bluetooth connectivity, and leather multi-function steering wheel, and many other facilities. Not only is the body of the Super 159, to add some sporty aura interiorpun using carbon fiber. Car output Milan, Italy, supported by JTDM 2000cc engine that produces 136 hp.