Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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2011 Nissan at the Tokyo Motor Show: Aero Concept of Style Sheet

Tokyo Motor Show 2011 is the perfect place for Nissan by its size. In the eyes of the international automotive media tend to ignore the Tokyo Motor Show, mainly because of its proximity to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit are. Nevertheless, there are still a lot to see aftermarket extravaganza in Tokyo, and Nissan, along with Japan and Autech Nismo performance car division, nine models at the Motor Show 2011, which lasted 14 to 16 January function. So let's examine this picture


 Leaf Concepts Aero Style "Express image EV futuristic sporty driving," said Nissan. What we know is that the wheels are very good (although probably less than ideal for the cooling of the brakes.) The Juke are, on the other side, dealer installed parts of Europe and North America developed. Sporty called Juke Package include car shows things such as accessories and chrome trim 17-inch alloy wheels. From there, Nissan also shows a new version of March, the Fairlady Z and of course the GT-R