Friday, March 11, 2011

Toyota Hilux Tiger

Soni Motors Thailand and its sister company Jim 4x4 Thailand are Thailand's largest exporter of Toyota Hilux Vigo and Toyota Hilux Tiger. You can purchase directly from Thailand or from our Dubai branch Soni Motors Dubai. We are exporting all generations of Toyota Hilux Tiger, Toyota Hilux Sport Cruiser and Toyota Hilux Sport Rider. Whether you are looking for 1998 Toyota Hilux Tiger, 1999 Toyota Hilux Tiger, 2000 Toyota Hilux Tiger, 2001 Toyota Hilux Tiger, 2002 Toyota Hilux Tiger, 2003 Toyota Hilux Tiger, or 2004 Toyota Hilux Tiger we will be glad to provide those for you.

Toyota Hilux Vigo's proud predecessor is Toyota Hilux Tiger. Toyota had been building cars and trucks in Thailand since 1956 and now owns three major assembly plants here, with vehicles and parts being exported to other countries.  It was with the Hilux Tiger, that Toyota decided to make Thailand the hub of its manufacturing: instead of exporting Hilux from its Japanese plant, it made a strategic shift by exporting it to Australia from its Thai plant. Vigo is now being exported worldwide. If you are looking for detailed specifications of all Toyota Hilux Tiger models from 1998 to 2004 please browse your way to our Toyota Tiger page.
The Hilux Tiger was nearly identical to most other Hiluxes of its generation, with the exception that it uses the newer D4D engine, not found in Australia, New Zealand and South African markets.  In addition, Toyota manufactured several unique models in Thailand, including the Sport-Rider, among others. Sports Rider was a SUV built on Hilux platform.
Pre-owned Hilux Double Cab and Hilux Tiger Extra Cabs are available from 1998 till 2004 but demand is generally for 2001 to 2004 models. The 2001 model is TOYOTA 3.0 L EFI Engine, 4 doors, 4x4 Manual Transmission, and standard options are, Driver-side airbag, ABS Brakes, Power Steering, Power Windows, Electric Side Mirrors, Cassette Player/Radio AM FM, Fabric Seatings and A/C.  Since Thailand is warm 12 months a year, none of these cars have any heaters but we can install high quality heaters for all kinds of weather. For some Images (Pics) of Toyota Hilux Tiger model 2000 and 2001 we have exported please check our page on Toyota Hilux Tiger 2000 and 2001 model with EFI engine.
The Double Cabin available in the 2002 is in the 2.5 L Diesel D4D Commonrail TURBO Diesel 2 KD Engine available in the Manual Transmission in 4x4 , 4 doors and the 3.0 L Diesel D4D Commonrail Diesel TURBO 1KD Engine is available only in the AUTO 4x4 Transmission, the standard options are same as above but the 2.5 L Diesel 2KD engine is not equipped with the AIRBAG, but the 3.0 L 1KD engine is available in the same specifications as above, the shape of the 2000, 2001 and the 2002 has slightly changed, (Front Lights, Front Grill, and the Tail Lights), body is same and the interior is unchanged as well.
The D4D COMMONRAIL Diesel TURBO Engine (See above) is the new Technology used in the 2005 Toyota Hilux Vigo as well. For more information on Tiger, see our page on Hilux Tiger and if you are looking for detailed model by model specifications than see our detailed page on Toyota Tiger.